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    Color Fun Run Goodie Bag

    Race Kit No T-Shirt -$6.00

    Our basic race kit includes fun and inspirational items for race day!  Packaged in a plastic sleeve so you can add any promotional materials you choose.  You will receive:

    • 1 pair of sunglasses
    • 1 personal color powder packet
    • 1 inspirational bracelet
    • 2 Temporary Tattoos
    • 1 Color Blaze Sticker

    In addition you will receive 1/2 pound of bulk color powder for every race kit ordered!  Bulk Color Powder will be in 25 pound bags.  1/2 pound bulk powder per person is the amount recommended if you are having an event with 3 color stations.  For example if you order 100 race kits you will receive two  25 pound bags of  bulk color powder.  If you order 150 race kits you will receive three 25 pound bags of bulk color powder.  If your event has more than 3 color stations or you would like to order more additional bulk powder you may do so on the website.

    Because of the weight variations of the color powder, race kits cannot be ordered via the website.  Simply fill out the form below and we will email you a link with the product and shipping totals for you to pay online.

    Order must be placed 2 weeks in advance in order to insure on time shipping.

    Race Kits NO Tees
    Street Address, City, State, and Zip
    Bulk Color Powder must be in 25lb increments. If 5 lb increments are needed there will be a $2.50 charge per 5 lb bag.
    Please let us know if you want any additional bulk powder, squeeze bottles or other items.
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