• Save The Color T Shirt

    Color Powder For Keeps!

    Whether you participate in a city-wide color run, a fundraising color war, or simply backyard color toss; you’ll want the memories to last longer than the green in your hair. 😉

    One great way to keep the memories alive is to create a keepsake from your color splashed uniform. Although it is easy enough to wash out, you have the option of saving the colorful evidence from and you can continue to wear that color like a badge of honor!

    Follow these simple steps to keep the color strong and the memories stronger:

    Save The Color In Your Fun Run Shirt

    1)   Promptly change out of your colored gear and do not shake off excess color: The more you move, the color powder dusts off the fabric, so limit your dancing till after you change into some clean clothes. Gently place your shirt in a bag till you get home for the color setting process.

    Color Save Fun Run T Shirt

    2)   Lay shirt flat and spray to soak with white vinegar: Spray generously, (and we mean really soak it) and be aware that the colors may blend and bleed together as the fabric becomes wet. The strength of the vinegar can also fade the screen print, but we think it looks kinda vintage (and that’s hip right now, right?).

    Fun Run Tee Saved With Color

    3)   Keep flat to dry and iron with high heat: If you hang when still wet, gravity will bring all the colors to the bottom and turn them to a muddy brown. Instead, keep flat till dry, then place a rag between the shirt and the iron to set the color with heat.  

    5)   Toss in the dryer: As a final assurance to set the color, I turned the shirt inside out and threw it in the dryer on high heat for about 10 minutes

    Color Fun Run Shirt With Saved Color

    6)   Wash and wear: Some color warriors frame their race-wear and display the colorful gear like a trophy. Others want to wear it out in the world as a conversation garment! Be aware that with each wash, the color can fade, but it will always have a colorful glow after you have set the dyes as described above.

    Good luck creating amazing memories and keep chasing the rainbow while you wear one!