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BlazeRaise Online Fundraising

In addition to offering all the color powder you need to host your own color powder run, Color Blaze also has an online fundraising platform available.  BlazeRaise online fundraising can help make your fundraising efforts a technicolor success!

You'll Raise More Money!

With an online platform most organizations earn TWICE as much as paper based fundraisers.

It’s so easy!  Just customize your Race Page, advertise online or around the town and watch your registrants come in! Its a one stop page for your racers to get all of the information they need and sign themselves up. Or you could create a site where you can load all of your students in, and they will get their own fundraising page to share to family and friends to collect donations! Or you can do a combination of the 2!

It's Simple!

BlazeRaise has everything already set up for you!  You just fill in the blanks and start raising more money! Your site will go live as soon as you publish it. From there, you can share to Facebook, or send emails home! If you’d like to import a class list, that is super easy as well, and our dedicated staff is happy to assist you in any way we can!

Low Cost and Colorful Perks!

There are no initial costs to get started!  Credit card processing fees are based on the registration cost determined when your race is created. Processing fees are able to be covered by the participants registering for your event, so you won’t incur the costs and raise more money! We will provide you with step by step guides to planning and organizing your event. Once you’ve created your event, we will provide you with all of the materials and supplies you will need for a successful event- including, Race Kits and Bulk Powder. Our Color Blaze team will assist you with support to make your fundraiser a huge success.   We’ll be your biggest cheerleader and hold your hand along the way.

Contact Us For More Fundraising Info

BlazeRaise FAQS

How Do You Fundraise with BlazeRaise?

A fundraising page is created for each participant that they can email to friends and family or post on social media.  The page contains a link that supporters can click on to make a secure donation online using their credit card.

What does it cost to use BlazeRaise?

There are no initial costs to get started!  And Color Blaze does not take a portion from the money you raise. There is a fee per sign-up dependent on the cost of your registration. But this fee can also be set up so that the runner pays that with their registration. Please see the chart to the right to determine what your fee could be or contact us:

What Do I Get For Using Color Blaze?

A lot!  We provide you with the platform to solicit and collect your donations, in addition you will also receive:

  • Dedicated BlazeRaise support person to help you through your entire Fun Run planning process.
  • Discount on Color Powder and Packets
  • Checklists, articles and videos on how to set up and plan your run with color powder
  • Sample sponsorship letters.

Can You Track Cash Donations As Well?

You bet!  You keep 100% of all cash and check donations and registrations.

Can you use BlazeRaise if you are in Canada or outside the United States?

Unfortunately, no.  The credit card processing is all done in U.S. Dollars.  We do however ship to Canada all the time.  So you can definitely order your color powder and/or race kits from Color Blaze.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are ready to go you can just click on the “Contact Us For More Fundraising Info” link on this page and we will help get you on your way to a successful fundraising campaign.  If you’ve got some questions or would like some help setting up your fundraiser just give us a call 888-252-6567 or email ashley@colorblaze.com.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have.