Color Blaze Race Kits

Color Blaze Race Kits.  You have a color powder run coming up and you want to give your participants all the swag you get at your typical fun run but you don’t want to track down all the misc. merchandise or deal with designing t-shirts. We’ve got you covered!  Color Blaze Race Kits are your answer!  Got some questions?  Here’s everything you need to know about Color Blaze Race Kits for your Color Powder Run.

What is a Color Blaze Race Kit?

A race kit is a pre-packaged kit with all kinds of colorful swag for your color powder run.  Each race kit comes with an individual color powder packet (perfect for a color toss at the beginning or end of your run,) a pair of sunglasses, an inspirational bracelet, 2 colorful temporary tattoos, 1 Color Blaze Sticker.  You can choose to order a race kit with or without a Color Blaze T-shirt -we think you’ll want one though, we work hard to design a happy, motivational shirt that your participants will love.

Color Blaze Race Kits



What is the difference between the Race Kit With a T-Shirt and the Race Kit Without a Tshirt?

That’s easy!  Nothing!  Unless you count the t-shirt! 🙂  Both Race Kits are exactly the same, just one has a t-shirt and one doesn’t.

Color Blaze Race Kits

The T-shirt looks pretty cool!  Why would I want to order the Race Kit Without A Tshirt?

The race kit without a t-shirt is a great addition to any race.  You may already have your own custom t-shirts so you don’t need the shirt.  Or the t-shirt might not fit in your budget.  Some people just plain don’t want to deal with keeping track of everyone’s sizes on a t-shirt so they order the Race Kit Without TShirt.  The Race Kit Without Tshirt is also great for fundraising incentives, to give away as prizes before your race or day of the race, or even to sell to your participants.

How is it packaged?  I don’t have to put everything together do I?

Nope.  That’s the beauty of our race kits.  You just hand them out!  Every kit comes pre-packaged in a plastic bag.  The bag has a fold over top so it’s super easy to add items to it, if you have any hand outs, coupons, or other goodies you want to add.

I see everything that comes with the race kits from the picture, but how does the free bulk color powder work?

The best thing about the Color Blaze race kits is the free bulk color powder!  Yes, you get everything you see pictured PLUS free bulk powder.  For every race kit ordered you get 1/2 lb of free bulk color powder.  If you order 10 race kits you would get 5lbs of free powder, if you order 300 race kits you get 150 lbs of bulk powder.  The bulk powder comes in 5lb and 25lb bags, so the total amount of bulk powder you get will be rounded to the nearest 5lbs.

Color Blaze Race Kits

So for the free bulk powder I don’t really get a bunch of 1/2 lb bags of powder?

No.  The 1/2 lb of free bulk powder increment is based on how much powder you need for 3 color stations at your color powder run. We recommend 1/2 lb per participant for 3 color stations.  We use it as a mathematical equation to figure out how much powder you need.  For example for 3 colors stations and 150 participants you would need .5 x 150 or 75lbs of bulk powder.  If you are having 4 color stations (3/4 lb per participant) or 5 color stations (1lb per participant.) If you are planning 4 04 5 color stations you would need to order additional bulk color powder on top of the free color powder that you receive.

How do I tell you what colors I want for my free bulk powder?

If you order online, when you get to the checkout page, there will be a box that says Event Date and Order Info.  Just type in your event date (it helps us coordinate on-time shipping, and then list the colors you would like for your free bulk powder.  If you are ordering with a school purchase order, just email our customer service rep with the colors you want.  Don’t worry, if you forget we will give you a call before we ship.

Do I really need to order 2 weeks in advance?  I see you ship most items in 2 to 3 business days.

We do ship almost everything in 2 to 3 business days!  However, all of the race kits ship from our West Coast warehouse so it can take 1 full week to arrive at cities on the East Coast.  We just want to make sure you get everything in time for your event.  Also when it comes to t-shirts, while we almost always have all sizes in stock, there are times that we are low on a particular size and we need to time to order in additional shirts.

Can I order custom shirts?

You can’t customize the front of the shirt, but you can add logos, artwork, etc. to the back of the shirt.  For customization we do need a minimum order of 250 shirts.  There is an additional $2 per shirt fee and a $25 set up fee.  All of the art provided to us needs to be in an EPS format, so our screenprinter can work there magic and create a beautiful shirt for you.  We also request a 3 week lead time instead of the normal 2 week lead time so there is time to customize your shirts.

Wow!  Race Kits look pretty cool!  Why wouldn’t I order them?

That’s our question too! 🙂  If you want to provide t-shirts and bright, colorful swag for your color powder run and don’t want to run all over town or search the internet high and low for all your goodies, Color Blaze Race Kits are the perfect fit.  If you are interested in ordering them you can check them our on our race kit page.

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