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Color Powder Party Scavenger Hunt And Backyard Color War

The kids are out of school! It’s fun and relaxing doing nothing for a few days but after that you’ve got to come up with some creative ideas for summer outdoor fun! A unique activity is to host a backyard color war! One way to extend this activity and get them excited, is to stage a scavenger hunt where they follow clues to find their color gear! So much more fun than just handing over the goods!

Color powder party kits from Color Blaze work great because they come with so much fun gear – tattoos, bracelets, t-shirts, colored powder packets and bulk color powder depending on how many you order.

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It is simple, and easy to do, while extending the fun and having an additional unique colorful experience! We asked one of our resident moms to host her own and here is what she came up with:

Color Powder Party Tools and Supplies

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The supplies are pretty minimal. If you don’t want to go for the race kit you can just focus on these supplies.

  1. Color Powder Packet Sample Kit: For our scavenger hunt we just had 6 neighborhood kids so I used three sample packet kits which provide different powder shades and plenty of color war powder to fill the bottles. Each bottle was the standard 8 ounce size and required about 2.5 packets to fill completely. If you’ve got a bigger group you might want to just go ahead and order the 50 assorted color powder packets – it is only about $10 more and you get a TON more!
  2. Squeeze Bottles: These squeeze bottles are ideal for distributing more controlled amounts of powder. Draw pictures and even write words! Any soft plastic bottle will serve this project well- there are limitless options online. You could even recycle 20 ounce soda bottles and drill a hole in the cap! Use your imagination. You can sometimes find them at the dollar store or order online from a variety of vendors. Color Blaze carries the 24 ounce size if you want to go big!
  3. Sidewalk Chalk
  4. Treasure: The treasure can be anything from a special snack to a movie ticket! Get creative on this one. What might your kids want to find after the hunt!

Color Powder Party Setup

She chose places where her and the kids spend time together and drew outlines of those places on the sidewalk around their home. Using sidewalk chalk from the dollar store, she kept the outlines simple. Those drawings directed the kids to actual locations where she hid a note with a handwritten clue sending the hunters to their next destination. Here are a couple of examples:

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Treasure Hunt Showtime

She gave them each squeeze bottles to test and ensure they could make them work. Then explained that they were going on a treasure hunt! Along the way they would discover picture clues that needed their help by adding some extra color. Then, they searched for these places and found more clues that lead to a prize! For example, the picture of the tree meant there was a clue in the tree. They find the clue, color in the tree outline with their colored powder and move onto the next clue.

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Treasure Found!

They had such a fun time walking around the neighborhood, seeing things in new ways and discovering help from friends along the journey! When they found the rest of their gear at the top of the steps, they were so excited! This adventure simply built even more fun into an already amazing activity!

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Color War!

For the final event, each child was given a squeeze bottle full of color powder and let them go crazy in the backyard throwing powder on each other. Then when it’s all done, just turn on the sprinklers and clean up the kiddos and your lawn!

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There is so much more you can organize to keep kids active while they are still out of school. For other tips on how to organize a fun run or other interesting ideas involving a rainbow explosion, call us!

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