Arrange A Color Powder Wedding Rehearsal

picture of a Color Powder Wedding invitation

Color Powder Wedding Rehearsals Bring Rainbows To Your Special Day!

Color Powder Wedding Rehearsals are becoming more and more popular for couples to want creatively styled peripheral events to compliment their actual wedding day. Traditions like the rehearsal dinner, getting ready before the ceremony, and brunch the morning after are all receiving a little more attention, more fun and more color than they used to. Color powder offers a fun alternative approach to the otherwise traditional events of matrimony. How? Newlyweds, Mary and Troy aced it with this very colorful surprise at their wedding rehearsal!

Here’s how they did their Color Powder Wedding Rehearsal (and how you can too!):

picture of Color powder wedding by the beach

Step One: Invites and Wear White Instructions to the bridal party

The bride, Mary, was determined to integrate surprises for her guests throughout her destination wedding in the Bahamas. She sent clear, simple instructions to the bridal party explaining that they must wear white, but to stay casual because this was going to be a playful affair. She wanted to ensure no one arrived wearing super fancy duds to this messy color powder event!

Color powder wedding beach fun

Step Two: Order Color Powder by Color Blaze

The bridesmaid dresses were all different colors. So, each couple was to have their corresponding dress color thrown on them in color powder form when they walked down the aisle. The bride and groom were to be rainbow splashed. For each couple the bride ordered six powder packets in the appropriate color. This proved to be the perfect amount providing enough for the stunt and for playing afterwards!

Step Three: Secure Color Powder Wedding Rehearsal Throwers and Photographers

Mary asked two friends and her mom to throw color powder, and keep the secret from the rest of the group! She hired professional photographer, Kathleen Dreier to capture the fun. In addition, she assigned one more friend on photo duty to create some quick iPhone videos for sharing on social media.

picture of a color powder wedding

Day of the Event

Step Four: Rehearsal Walk Through – Whatever Happens, Keep Smiling!

The bridal party was hidden off ‘stage’ until their cue to walk down the aisle. Each couple danced down stairs to the tune of ‘Feeling Good’ and onto the beach. The bride explained that as they walk through, to be prepared for the unexpected and to just keep dancing and keep smiling! The throwers got into their places and the music started…They settled into their assigned spot on the sand while the others were hidden from sight.

Step Five: Color Powder Wedding Rehearsal Action!

As the couples danced down the aisle, color throwers splashed them with color powder, giggles, squeals and smiles! The best photos were achieved by tossing the color straight up to land on the couples from above. Everyone was so surprised and it made such a fun color powder wedding rehearsal experience for all!

color powder wedding by the shore

Step Six: Group Throw and Jump Shot

Once everyone made it to their places on the beach, the throwers handed each member of the bridal party their own powder packet. The color-covered crew staged a few group shots tossing the color at the same time, and a final jump shot with everyone, throwers and all!

mary and troys color powder wedding picture

color powder wedding in the sand

Step Seven: Get sparkling clean again!

Plan for the colorful mess! Bring soap, shampoo, maybe even custom color powder wedding rehearsal party t-shirts for everyone to change into afterwards. In the case of Mary and Troy’s rehearsal, cleanup on the beach was super simple as everyone just ran into the ocean to wash the color off! From start to finish, it was a splendid success!

Mary and Troy swooned over the experience explaining that what could have been a practical run through of the ceremony was transformed into a highlight for all of their guests. It was an unexpected surprise that left everyone’s cheeks sore from smiling so hard!

color powder wedding party ideas

Feeling inspired by this stunt and interested in adding color powder to your wedding plans? Give us a call! Our creative team of Color Blazers will assist on all the dreamy details to take your celebration to new and very colorful heights! All photos are compliments of Kathleen Dreier Photography. Check out her site to see the beautiful images she captured that document the complete stunt from start to finish!