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Color Blaze is your source for Wholesale Color Powder or Holi Powder! Always made from food grade, biodegradable products with all FDA approved dyes, our color powder is safe and easy to clean up.

Whether you are planning a fundraiser fun run with color, organizing a color war for a youth group, hosting a Holi festival or staging a Gender RevealColor Blaze Color Powder can fill your brightest, boldest, color powder dreams!

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  • Our Gender Reveal Ball is the perfect option for any gender reveal. Not only is this ball super easy to use, but you can use it in a variety of different ways. Smash it, throw it, kick it, hit it! The possibilities are truly endless. For a super simple, grand and fool-proof option, grab your partner and your ball and smash it on the ground! A cloud of pink or blue powder will erupt and wow your crowd. This ball can be used in a number of reveals such as:
    • Baseball (put it on a tee)
    • Soccer Ball
    • Basketball
    • Giant Golf Ball (won't miss this one!)
    • Shooting/Rifle Target
    • Smash Ball
      This purchase will come with the 14 cm white acrylic ball shell, along with the color powder to put inside. Assembly is required. Be sure to wipe off any excess powder before presenting the ball.  
  • Go big or go home! We learned from the best, Greg at Go Properties, who came up with the ultimate gender reveal idea that stars the dad-to-be running through a wall, creating the boldest cloud of pink or blue! This reveal was featured on @BarstoolSports and has nearly 3.2 million views! Reveal your baby in a grand way and purchase this complete guide on how to set up and create this reveal. This purchase is an instant download, and once purchase is made stay on the page to save your documents or check your email address that you used to purchase this product.
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  • Planning an event and just need a small amount of powder? We've got you covered - LITERALLY! Score your one pound bag of fun and get covered in the rainbow. These packs also work as samples/testers for the big event! You will receive 1 easy to open bag of your choice of color.   Looking for fun ideas on how to use your color powder? Be sure to check out our How To's Page to become a color powder pro and follow us on Instagram & Facebook to see how our customers are using our powder.   Buy 1 and get additional bags for $6.95!! Discount will be automatically added at checkout.
  • Gear up  with the best Multi-Use face mask. 100% polyester fiber make these masks comfortable and breathable, and your participants can continue to wear them after the event. You can use your mask in a variety of different ways- headband, scrunchie, neck gaiter, or even a pirate hat!   These will come in a set of 12 and you will receive 6 Black and 6 White colored masks.   These are shipped from our west-coast warehouse and may take up to 5 business days to arrive. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding shipping.
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  • Bring the color war home for a social distancing approved outdoor activity! Arm your color warriors with the rainbow and let them get covered in fun!   You will receive 10 - one pound bags of assorted colors, 20 - eight ounce squeeze bottles, 20 sunglasses, 20 inspirational bracelets and 20 temporary tattoos!   Fast and free 2-3 business days shipping within the continental US!
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  • Sale!
    Quarantine isn't all that bad- you're now expecting a bundle of joy! Let us help you create the best announcement/gender reveal to virtually announce the great news during this crazy time! A fun gift for a new baby, a coming home outfit, or just because! Use as a photo prop or give as a gift for loved ones. You will receive: 1 white newborn size onesie with 'Made in Quarantine' printed on it, 1 pink packet of color powder, 1 blue packet of color powder. SAVE THE POWDER IN THE ONESIE: Follow these steps! Step 1: Do not shake off excess powder. Step 2: Lay onesie flat and spray to soak with white vinegar. Step 3: Keep the t-shirt flat to dry and iron with high heat. Step 4: Toss in the dryer. Step 5: Wash and wait for baby! Disclaimer: Color Powder is intended to wash out. Use this DIY to help preserve the color. **Results may vary and color will fade over time/washes. We have fast 2-3 business day shipping anywhere in the USA! Contact us if you have any questions at all.
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  • Color Blaze Color Powder Options 8 1 pound bags
    Have the ultimate backyard fun with color powder! Get all eight colors in reclosable 1 pound bags! You will receive one each of pink, red, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue and purple in clear zip-top bags.   This package is perfect for any small gathering. Whether you are hosting a backyard birthday party, having some outdoor family fun, planning a photoshoot, creating a beautiful tumbling, or more - this is the perfect pack for you!   Fast and FREE 2-3 business day shipping within the continental USA!
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    15 Pounds Pink and Blue
    Let's get the party started! Pink and Blue, which team are you? We have the compete set of both colors for those who want to find out the same day as their appointment. Skip the stress last minute ordering, and let everything arrive together in plenty of time for the big reveal. Pink or Blue, One Baby or Two? Maybe you're having twins and need both colors! We've got you covered- literally.   You will be receiving six 5 pound bags of powder (30 pounds total)-  3 Pink and 3 Blue. This will help you create the ultimate gender reveal. (Bows are not included :) )   Fast and free 2-3 business day shipping anywhere in the continental US. Please contact us if you need it sooner at 888-252-6567 or info@colorblaze.com.   ***Powder will not explode by itself. In pictures, it is being used with 2 lbs of Tannerite. Tannerite can be found locally at sports/hunting stores or online at www.tannerite.com. If you are not familiar with Tannerite, please refer to www.tannerite.com for all safety information and instructions.
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    Color Powder Single 5lb Bag
    Boy oh boy! Get creative and announce the gender of your baby with a burst of color! Whether you are creating a color toss, putting in a smoke stack, throwing from a plane, or anything else you can think of - this powder gets the job done! Have any questions- just give us a call at 888-252-6567! Now Available: Black Bag Packaging! Select the option below to receive your order incognito style.  This will have your order packed in a sealed black bag with a blue dot on the bottom to indicate the color and a packing slip with the color shown. If you wish to have the dot and packing slip removed, please put in the customer notes at checkout or shoot us an email at info@colorblaze.com with your order number. **Blue bow not included!
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    Color Blaze Pink Color Powder Sample