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Color Blaze is your source for Wholesale Color Powder or Holi Powder! Always made from food grade, biodegradable products with all FDA approved dyes, our color powder is safe and easy to clean up.

Whether you are planning a fundraiser fun run with color, organizing a color war for a youth group, hosting a Holi festival or staging a Gender RevealColor Blaze Color Powder can fill your brightest, boldest, color powder dreams!

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    15 Pounds Pink and Blue
    Let's get the party started! Pink and Blue, which team are you? We have the compete set of both colors for those who want to find out the same day as their appointment. Skip the stress last minute ordering, and let everything arrive together in plenty of time for the big reveal. Pink or Blue, One Baby or Two? Maybe you're having twins and need both colors! We've got you covered- literally.   You will be receiving six 5 pound bags of powder (30 pounds total)-  3 Pink and 3 Blue. This will help you create the ultimate gender reveal. (Bows are not included :) )   Fast and free 2-3 business day shipping anywhere in the continental US. Please contact us if you need it sooner at 888-252-6567 or info@colorblaze.com.   ***Powder will not explode by itself. In pictures, it is being used with 2 lbs of Tannerite. Tannerite can be found locally at sports/hunting stores or online at www.tannerite.com. If you are not familiar with Tannerite, please refer to www.tannerite.com for all safety information and instructions.
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  • Gender Reveal Party Accessories
    Add to your gender reveal party fun with our gender reveal party decorating kit! All of the items are handmade by a local artisan. You will receive (1) Boy or Girl Banner made with 4.5 inch cardstock squares, (1) set of 24 cupcake toppers with our adorable stork logo, and (1) set of boy or girl photos props for creating whimsical memories of your gender reveal event with family and friends.
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  • Gender Reveal Party Banner Gender Reveal Party Banner
    Hang this darling gender reveal party banner to welcome guests or add it to your table decorations.  Squares are 4.5 inch card stock with die cut letters.  Can extend to 110".  Comes with black string.
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  • Wheels or Heels? Bows or Burnouts? Let us help you create the picture perfect reveal with our new discreet packaging. We've put together the ultimate surprise pack, where you will be able to secretly put the pink or blue packet on your tire to burnout without anyone seeing! Our packs will either come with Pink and Blue bags (sticker will be marking the color inside), or you can purchase 2 Pink or 2 Blue bags. We suggest having 2 bags, that way you can have one on either tire for an impressive full reveal!   We're the color powder pros! Each bag contains 1 pound of double bagged pink or blue powder. There is double sided tape to stick to your tires. Or forget the tires, and create your own unique reveal with the black-out bags! Check out our blog post for some colorful ideas on gender reveals - Click here!   INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO STICK: Step 1: Clean off the object or surface you will be sticking your packet to. Step 2: Peel back the liner from the tape on the back of the packet and stick to your object or surface. Step 3: Hold and press your packet onto your object or surface for at least 30 seconds for the ultimate hold.   Our shipping is fast and free - just 2-3 business days anywhere in the USA! If you are working with a tight time-frame, be sure to include your event date in the customer notes box when checking out, so we can prioritize your order and make sure it gets to you in time for the big day!
  • Celebrate good times, come on! Get festive with color, and take the BEST senior pictures ever! You can either pick the rainbow, your high school colors, your college school colors, your favorite colors, and much more! This pack is perfect for photography and getting that perfect special picture that will last a lifetime. You will get to pick your pack of 8 - 75 gram packets and we offer red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, teal and purple! Project #ColorYourGrad This product includes fast and free 2-3 shipping via USPS Priority Mail. Please contact us with any questions.
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    Color Blaze Color Powder Options Color BlazeAssorted Individual Color Powder Packets
    Having a large Color Blaze run  or holi festival?  Need a lot of individual color powder packets?  This mixed assortment of 2800 individual 75 gram bags of vibrant color powder is a great deal with free shipping! Color assortments will vary. Assorted colors are chosen at random. *Free shipping available inside the continental U.S. Please call for a shipping quote outside of the continental U.S.  888-252-6567
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    Color Blaze Pink Color Powder Sample 5 lbs Pink
    Tickled Pink! Get creative and announce the gender of your baby with a burst of color! Whether you are creating a color toss, putting in a smoke stack, throwing from a plane, or anything else you can think of - this powder gets the job done! Have any questions- just give us a call at 888-252-6567!   **Pink bow not included!
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    Color Powder Single 5lb Bag 5 lbs Blue
    Boy oh boy! Get creative and announce the gender of your baby with a burst of color! Whether you are creating a color toss, putting in a smoke stack, throwing from a plane, or anything else you can think of - this powder gets the job done! Have any questions- just give us a call at 888-252-6567!   **Blue bow not included!
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    Turn any day into a technicolor masterpiece! We've created the perfect pack to have some outdoor fun for any occasion. Backyard birthday party, snowman decorating, sand castle decorating, color fight- you name it, just add some color to it! This is your chance to get creative and enhance any outdoor activity. This pack includes:
    • 4 Different Colors - 20 Single Color Powder Packets (5 Pink, 5 Yellow, 5 Green, 5 Blue)
    • 4 – 8 Ounce Squeeze Bottles to Arm Your Color Powder Artists
        *For recreational use only, do not consume.
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    Color Blaze Color Powder Options 150 Assorted Individual Color Powder Packets - FREE shipping
    Shake, shake, shake! Shake your color powder packets like a Polaroid picture! Perfect for a small holi fesitval, backyard party, color toss and much more! Mixed assortment of 25 individual 75 gram bags (approx. 2.5 ounces) of color powder.  Colored powder assortments may vary. You will receive an assortment of all 8 of our vibrant colors. *Free shipping available inside the continental U.S.
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  • Gender Reveal Pink Confetti Sticks Gender Reveal Confetti Sticks
    Let a shower of pink or blue confetti rain down on you and your guests to announce the gender of your baby.  Confetti sticks are easy to use - just hold up in the air, give it a good flick and a burst of pink or blue confetti will flutter through the air! No nitrogen canister to worry about or figure out which way to twist.  Just give it a good flick !  All confetti sticks are packed with white confetti on each end so your guests can't see what color is inside.  Set of 10 confetti sticks.  
  • Gender Reveal Balloon Pink Confetti Gender Reveal Balloon

    Gender Reveal Balloon

    Our 36 inch Gender Reveal Balloon with our darling stork emblem will shower you with pink or blue confetti  or pink or blue color powder with one pop of the balloon.    Simply pour the confetti or color powder inside the balloon and take it to your local balloon store to have filled with helium.  (Don't over inflate to avoid popping.)  Confetti packages are 1 ounce each and color powder packages are 75 grams each.  If you are filling your balloon with helium and using the color powder we suggest only using 1/2 of the color powder so the balloon floats well.  Too much powder can weigh it down.  If you are just blowing it up with good old fashioned air power than feel free to use the whole packet of color powder! P.S. an empty toilet paper tube works great for filling the balloon with either confetti or color powder. (see the photo in the gallery to the left)
  • Gender Reveal Bracelets Gender Reveal Bracelets
    These bright little bracelets are perfect for your Gender Reveal Party!  Have guests vote on what they think the sex of your baby is and choose a bracelet based on the sex.  Or just hand them out as party favors!  You can choose an assorted package or just one color if you like.