Color Race Tutorial – How To Do A Color Powder Toss

People throwing color powder at a color race
You’ve seen all the cool Color Race photos on Pinterest with Color Powder.  Newly engaged couples having a color powder photo shoot, perhaps a graduating class throwing their school colors in the air, friends and family creating a color toss for a baby gender reveal, or by far the most popular is for a Color Toss to begin or end your Color Blaze Run.  It looks like so much fun!  But how do you create this rainbow of technicolor fun?  With Color Blaze Individual Color Powder Packets. 


How to do a Color Powder Toss at a Color Race

For best color race photo/video results you will want to have everyone dress in white t-shirts so the color powder shows up nicely on the shirts.

  • Hand out individual color powder packets to each person.
  • If you are staging a photo or video shoot you may want to ask them all to open their packets first, so everyone is ready to go when you count down.
  • Organize your group to fit in the shot.
  • Count them down and…….3,2,1!  Everyone tosses their packets in the air resulting in a burst of color powder followed by colored powder raining down on the group and covering them in colorful goodness!

A color toss is a perfect way to kick off a fun Color Race or Run!  Everyone can start the run with a little bit of color on them and some big smiles to go with it.  You can also end your run with a Color Packet Toss – however sometimes it is harder to round everyone up at the end of the run.  If you are strictly doing a photo shoot, you may want to make sure you have 2 or 3 packets per person so you can do your toss multiple times to get the perfect shot.  If you happen to get the perfect shot on the first go around , then just let all out color chaos ensue and have your camera ready for one of a kind photos!

Video:  How To Do A Color Powder Packet Toss at Your Color Race