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Wondering where to buy colored powder? We have a wide variety of colors and plenty of tips on how to use it at runs and parties. Check our blog frequently for new content!

  • How To Host A Color Blaze Run

How to Host a Color Blaze 5k Run

How to Host a Color Blaze Run Your fundraising just got color-charged! Color Blaze Runs have always been a great activity for fundraising and to raise money for charitable organizations, schools, churches and more.  Add a splash of color and host a Colorful 5k Run that gives your fundraiser a colorful boost! How Does a Color Blaze Run Work? What Is A Color Blaze Run? If you’re looking to host a READ MORE

  • throwing color powder at a fun run

Throwing Color Powder tips for a Fun Run

Throwing Color Powder tips for a Fun Run If you are organizing your fist Color Blaze Run you may be wondering just how do you get all that vibrant throwing color powder on your runners? First you need to understand the basics of how a fun run is set up. Maybe you’re wondering just what is a Color Blaze Run or where can  you buy color powder? Color Stations READ MORE

  • Color Wars How To Set Up

How To Set Up A Color War

What Is A Color War? Color War's are a great activity for youth groups of any kind as well as summer camps and teambuilding events for any school organization. You’ve seen the pictures.  Kids covered in color powder armed with handfuls of rainbows, smiles a mile wide in the midst of a color war of epic proportions.    A Color War usually consists of groups of kids throwing color powder READ MORE

  • Fun Run Incentives to Boost Your Fundraising

Fun Run Incentives To Boost Your Fundraising And Participation

Colorful Fun Run Incentives To Boost Your Fundraising and Participation One of the biggest questions we hear is  - “Do you really need to offer incentives for fundraising participation?”  The resounding answer is YES!  Offering prizes for meeting fundraising goals is a surefire way to improve your results. We ran across a great article on PTO Today that asked PTO’s that same question – Do you really need to offer READ MORE

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How To Do A Color Powder Run

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