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Colored Powder Blog by Color Blaze

Wondering where to buy colored powder? We have a wide variety of colors and plenty of tips on how to use it at runs and parties. Check our blog frequently for new content!

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At Home Color Party Fun – How To Make Color Powder Balls

At Home Color Party DIY - Color Powder Balls Recipe Looking for family or small social group fun activities? Have a color powder ball war! Use our easy step by step DIY recipe to make your own color powder balls. Then gather with your family or a small group less than 10 in an open outdoor space. Let the war begin!    What you’ll need: Bulk Color Powder- READ MORE

  • How To Host A Color Blaze Run

How to Host a Color Blaze 5k Run

How to Host a Color Blaze Run Your fundraising just got color-charged! Color Blaze Runs have always been a great activity for fundraising and to raise money for charitable organizations, schools, churches and more.  Add a splash of color and host a Colorful 5k Run that gives your fundraiser a colorful boost! How Does a Color Blaze Run Work? What Is A Color Blaze Run? If you’re looking to host a READ MORE

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How To Do A Color Powder Run

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