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Colored Powder Blog by Color Blaze

Wondering where to buy colored powder? We have a wide variety of colors and plenty of tips on how to use it at runs and parties. Check our blog frequently for new content!

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How To Make Online Fundraising a Success

You’ve decided to move to online fundraising this year.  Congratulations!  You’ve created your fundraiser so now you can just sit back and watch the dollars roll in – right?  Wrong! Simply posting your fundraising campaign online does not guarantee success. While online fundraising with a platform like BlazeRaise certainly makes it easier for your participants to raise funds and typically results in more dollars raised, as an administrator you still READ MORE

  • Color Blaze Race Kits

Color Blaze Race Kit FAQ’s

Color Blaze Race Kits.  You have a color powder run coming up and you want to give your participants all the swag you get at your typical fun run but you don't want to track down all the misc. merchandise or deal with designing t-shirts. We've got you covered!  Color Blaze Race Kits are your answer!  Got some questions?  Here's everything you need to know about Color Blaze Race Kits READ MORE

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How To Do A Color Powder Run

Color Powder Fun And Games – Color Wars and More

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