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Creative Fundraising Event Ideas | Organize a Color Fun Run

Funding your next charity mission can bring loads of preparation. Therefore, organizers of non-profit organizations look towards organizing color fun run fundraisers to sustain the causes they support.

Are you part of a non-profit organization  or charity organization looking for new ways to gain more attention and additional support? Did you recently organize an event but didn’t get the results you were hoping to have? Are you beginning to worry that your efforts may not generate enough support for your cause?

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Color Fun Run Fundraising Event Ideas

With the emergence of Color Powder, and the undeniable popularity it is gaining across the globe, organizations are finding a new light in organizing events that cater to different crowds. Color fun run fundraisers are the newest fun and active event.

No winner or prize awaits at the finish line of what is traditionally a 5 kilometer run. Throughout, walkers and runners are bombarded with bright colored powder dusts to encourage them along the way. Color powders and runs are bringing people together around the nation! These brightly colored powder runs aren’t just for active runners. The ability to take them at whatever speed desired is what appeals to all audiences.

If this is news to you, then now is the time to learn what is a color run and how color powders can do to your own events and how to create a tidal wave of eager participants. This is the key to make your own successful fun race or host a color run.

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Take School Fundraisers To The Next Level | Host Your Own Fun Run

School fundraisers come with a long list of activities that will keep students up and running.

Serve-a-thon – This activity mobilizes students to raise money for the school. Each classroom or grade chooses an activity to help the community such as cleaning up a local park, raking leaves for the elderly, or painting a mural.

School Dance – Hosting a fundraiser school dance is an idea that can be incredibly effective. School dances are loved by all ages of students. It’s also a great venue to combine other fundraising options for your cause, such as raffles, silent auctions, and concession sales.

Hike Day – Many students sit in class for hours at a time, often daydreaming about doing something else outdoors. Hosting a hike day could recharge these kids, all the while raising some money for the next school project.

There is so much more you can do to involve students, the school, and the parents in events that could help raise funds for the school programs or the charities it supports. But don’t just stop at organizing these events, add in a new flavor. Add in some color, and a lot of color powder!

Watch how the faces of these young ones come alive while covered in a colored mess. Reward their efforts with a shower of rainbow colors. Wrap them with a chaos of colors they would love to have on their skin. It’s the new thing, the new trend is a color fun run fundraiser. What exactly is it and how does a color run work?

how to organize a color fun run fundraiser

Non-Profit Fundraising | How to Host a Color Fun Run

Different fundraisers can implement many types of activities which are related to the charity or non-profit organizations they support. The T-shirt Fundraiser for example. This is a popular way to raise money for all sorts of different activities. Organizations come up with a cute t-shirt design and sell the shirts for a profit.  Some people use t-shirt fundraising to cover adoption costs, kids sports teams, local food pantry, or medical expenses.

It is particularly effective because: (a) Supporters are rewarded with something they can actually use and (b) T-shirts can be used to spread awareness long after the fundraiser is over.

Easy Color Fun Run Fundraiser Ideas | The Color Powder Effect

If t-shirt printing is not your fancy or if you’re looking for more spontaneous activities for a larger crowd, then the list below will help address the question of how to organize a fun run.

Baby Photo Competition – This is one of the successful church fundraising ideas that many would surely enjoy. To start, scan the photos (as a baby or young child) of the prominent members of the congregation and at the same time take a current picture. The general idea is for the people to match the baby photo to the member of the church community.

Bake Sales – It has long been a staple of any organizations, particularly church and school groups. Volunteers and supporters of your cause bake and donate cakes, cookies, muffins, and pies to be sold to raise funds. It is easy to organize and less expensive.

Other fundraising event ideas include:

  • Charity Car Wash
  • Balloon Fundraising
  • Night Marathons
  • Fundraising ideas for kids

Take The Color Blaze Experience To Your Next Event!

Are you ready to give your future participants an experience that would leave them begging for more? Are you geared up and ready to become bold and fearless with color powder?  It’s easy to make your own color fun run a success!

If you are, Color Blaze will fuel your dream event. Fun, creative fundraising ideas will have a touch of magic with our colored powders. It comes in 8 different shades, which are packed from individual 2.5 ounce packets to 25lbs bags or more. You have the power to choose which colors when you how to host your own color fun run.

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Our Color run was a blast. It was our 1st one. We normally do a regular 5K but this year decided to do a 5K Color run. Everyone that participated said they loved it and can’t wait for next year! So it looks like our 5K will forever be a color run!!! Loved that the color was shipped and received super fast. Will definitely use you guys next year.