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Most people know and understand what a “baby shower” is and what it means for expecting parents. Friends and family members provide gifts for the newest member in the family while playing fun and silly baby-related games.

Recently, a different type of party is being associated with pregnancies – a baby gender reveal party.

Expectant parents, can invite family and friends to a party where they let everyone know what’s coming. A baby reveal party is a lot like baby showers, but minus the presents. Guests can play games and fun activities that ultimately lead to the revelation. It’s the best surprise of all!

Gender reveal ideasBaby Gender Reveal Party | Creative Ways to Reveal!

This special occasion isn’t just about the ultimate reveal; it’s also about the creativity of the party’s organizer. Parents are thrilled to share the news and it’s up to the organizer to make sure that same excitement is channeled to the guests as well, making the moment more special and memorable.

Out of the countless ideas out there, this is by far the one reveal party that is sure to be remembered by everyone involved.

Hosting The Perfect Baby Gender Reveal Party with Color Powder

Hosting the perfect baby reveal party can be achieved even in the simplest form of parties, and by knowing what to prepare, you’re on your way to hosting one of the best pregnancy-related parties in town!

Party Theme
Have you thought of the theme? Lashes or Staches? Litte Man or Little Miss?  If not, you can’t lose with simple  pink and blue! From cocktails to candles, banners to streamers, cups to plates and napkins – your party theme will be the backdrop for the big reveal.

Party Invitations

Have you sent out invites? Once you know your ultrasound date  you can set the date of the reveal.  Most expectant parents want to share the news as soon as possible so we recommend trying to schedule your ultrasound on a Monday or Tuesday so you have time to receive your Gender Reveal Products for the weekend. Send out invitations a few weeks before the reveal day to give guests time to arrange their schedules, and give yourself enough time to prepare for the big day!

THE Moment – THE Celebration

Have you decided how to present the actual reveal? Aside from the usual sweet treats like cakes and cupcakes, did you know that there is a much more interactive, color-rich way? Color Powders!

Pink powder

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas With Color Powder

Sugar, spice, and a pack of colored powder in your hands can create a memorable moment! Colored powders help create a perfect, unique reveal party, even with little preparation and limited time. Let your party ideas come to life!

Now, these colored powder party ideas are sure-fire hits!

  • Shower them With Color – Guests come in a plain white shirt to gear up for the color fun. Stage a color toss and shower them with color powder to finally see if it’s a boy or a girl.
  • Balloon Pop – add color powder to a large black balloon.  When you pop it, pink or blue color powder rains down.
  • Car Exhaust Reveal – many car enthusiasts have chosen to use pink or blue color powder in their car exhaust or do tire burn out with pink or blue powder!

With the right amount of creativity, artistry, and materials, your celebration is a moment that will not be forgotten!  Not to mention it makes for great photo ops!

Surprise! Surprise!

Nothing is as surprising as a huge burst of bright colors in the air. Color Blaze continues to lead the pack in adding fun and excitement to different events, parties or gatherings.

We offer a selection of choices for expectant parents and party organizers:

  • Blue or Pink Color Powder – Share the good news with family and close friends! Available in 1lb, 5lb and 25lb increments.
  • Gender Reveal Color Powder Packets (Blue or Pink) -Perfect for a photo shoot or color toss for a small gathering.
  • Balloons with Color Powder or Confetti – choose our darling stork balloon and fill it with powder or confetti.
  • Confetti Cannons – not into the color powder?  Try our confetti sticks for a picture perfect reveal!

More details on supplies available on our gender reveal product page!

Color Blaze Gender Reveal Party Supplies

Gender Reveal Party Supplies

Looking for cute gender reveal ideas or to organize one for a friend? Color Blaze is the best solution around.

Our Gender Reveal Party Supplies can solve all the issues you have in your party planning! Included in the party accessory pack are:

  • Boy or Girl banner with 4.5 inch cardstock squares
  • Set of boy or girl photo props for creating unforgettable memorabilia
  • Set of 24 cupcake toppers with our adorable stork logo

Gender Reveal Party Accessories

All product queries matter to us. Our friendly customer service representatives can offer a wealth of information ranging from how much color powder you need to order to tips on how to prepare for any type of party.

Call us to get your party supplies and start preparing today! View our complete offerings of blue baby powder and pink baby color powder!

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