How To Create a Colorful Backyard Obstacle Course


Creating a backyard obstacle course can be a fun, easy and inexpensive way to keep your kids active and entertained. Your obstacle course can be long and eccentric or simple yet challenging. Whatever you decide, the most important part is to get creative with the course to make it enjoyable for everyone. 




To start, look for items that you might already have on hand. Items that you might want to consider, ropes, pool noodles, balloons, hula hoops, lawn chairs. We love color so adding items that bring life to your party are even better! Below are a few suggestions on challenges for your course. 


Hula Hoop Agility Run 






Pool Noodle Army Crawl

Noodle Army Crawl



Balloon Dart Toss

Balloon Dart Toss Source:


Crepe Paper Maze 

crepepaper Source:


Laundry Basket Ball Toss 




Walk the Plank 

Walk the Plank



Celebratory Color Run-Through 

color station


This is the FUN and MESSY part! Depending on how many obstacle participants you are having will determine how much powder will be needed. We certainly suggest rounding up, because this powder has no expiration date and will stay PERFECT for many more obstacle courses, backyard color wars, birthday parties, and more!

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