Blaze Raise Online Fundraising

You’ve decided to move to online fundraising this year.  Congratulations!  You’ve created your fundraiser so now you can just sit back and watch the dollars roll in – right?  Wrong! Simply posting your fundraising campaign online does not guarantee success. While online fundraising with a platform like BlazeRaise certainly makes it easier for your participants to raise funds and typically results in more dollars raised, as an administrator you still need to put effort into motivating your participants to raise funds and promoting your event.

Our top 5 strategies for online fundraising success.

  1.  Set Goals – set an achievable fundraising goal for each individual. People are more likely to work towards a goal that they feel is easily achievable.  Once they see success they are that much more likely to continue to work for more!  For example $50.  Break it down for them – this doesn’t mean each participant needs to donate $50 themselves.  They can send out emails and post links on social media and get ten $5 donations.
  2. Incentivize – Incentives are proven to work! The good news is a lot of small prizes tend to work better than a few big prizes.  Consider rewarding your participants for the following:
  • Received first individual donation
  • Hit first individual fundraising goal
  • Doubled individual fundraising goal
  • You can also give prizes – first, second, third for the most $’s raised etc. at the end of the fundraiser.

Prize Ideas:

3.  Motivate, Motivate, Motivate some more! You can never do too much!  Send out emails on a regular basis to your fundraising community informing them of your progress.  Post on social media.  Post on your website.  Set goals to achieve by the next update. Publicly thank individuals who are going above and beyond their fundraising efforts, or name off the people or teams who have gotten their first donation or have hit their goal.  People love seeing their names in lights and it also encourages a little friendly competition.

4.  Promote – We feel like a broken record but Promote, Promote, Promote some more! You can never do too much!  Besides, promoting your fundraiser through your community email, social media pages and website.  Create signage to post around your school or organization, announce on the daily announcements, send flyers home etc.  Anywhere someone looks they should be able to very EASILY find information about your event/fundraiser.

5.  Thank – Always publicly thank your participants and sponsors. When you tag donors and sponsors on social media, they are more likely to see your post and especially if they are a business they may be more likely to share your post to show what good they are doing for their community and in turn encourage others to donate.  You should also always send your sponsors a personal, handwritten thank you note at the end of your event.

It may seem like a lot of work, but if you are organized, have a plan and spend 3 – 5 hours a week actively motivating, promoting, updating, and thanking, you will have a much more successful online fundraising campaign.


To find out more about our online fundraising program Blaze Raise click here.