Gender Reveal Ideas

The moment you learn the sex of your baby can be a truly magical moment. Some parents are choosing to celebrate this moment with their friends and family by hosting a gender reveal party.  If you’re looking for exciting and fun ways to reveal the big news – we’ve got you covered with our top three gender reveal ideas!

Best. Baby. Announcement. Ever.

Paint Fight!  Shower your guests in pink or blue color powder with a color toss or color war!  It’s so much fun!  Makes for great photos and gets everyone involved in the action! Ask everyone to wear white clothes that they don’t mind getting dirty.  If you like you can decorate small bathroom size dixie cups with cute pink and blue washi tape.  Unless you cover the cups you will be able to see the color inside.  You may want to tape a cute square or circle of paper over the top of the cup to hide the color inside.  There are some great scrapbook paper designs that you can find to go with your theme.  Hand out the cups to everyone.  Do a countdown and everyone toss on the count of three!

Throwing blue color powder

Boy?  Girl?  Pop to See!

A  Gender Reveal Confetti Balloon reveal is super simple, easy to clean up and doesn’t require any special crafting skills. The kit includes a giant opaque black balloon and a packet of perfectly portioned confetti! You can place the confetti inside the balloon by using a toilet paper roll hack as a funnel and easy fill assist!

Once you add the confetti just visit a local party store to add helium (most shops charge between $5-$7 to fill balloons of this size). These giant balloons must be completely inflated to support the weight of the confetti and still float. Make sure the balloon shop tests it before you leave.  If it hovers low when fully filled, just shake it about to distribute the confetti evenly inside.  The next step is to gather your family and friends and POP to see!

Gender Reveal Balloon

Let Pink or Blue Confetti Rain Down on You!

We absolutely love our confetti sticks!  They are so much fun and super easy to use.  Each 14″ confetti stick is filled with either pink or blue confetti, but white confetti is placed at each end so you can’t see what color it is until you flick the confetti stick and it release the confetti.  Just gather your guests around you and hand everyone a confetti stick.  Have them hold the confetti stick up and out in front of them and give it a hard flick – like you are flicking a magic wand!  Then the real MAGIC happens as you are showered with Pink or Blue confetti.

Hosting a gender reveal celebration to announce the exciting news of your baby’s gender can be a special opportunity to share with those closest to you – and we are thrilled to provide so many expecting parents across the country with so many fun options!

gender reveal party ideas