We can all agree that this year has been one for the books and safety is our main priority during this crazy time. Even with schools being closed, events being cancelled and towns shutting down – there are still ways to host an amazing colorful event while maintaining a social distance. It is important to still come together as a community, raise money and stay active. Here are our suggestions and recommendations to plan and host your own safe event and/or virtual event. 

It’s no lie that we miss seeing everyone out and about and having normal social interactions. Organizing a fun back-to-school fundraiser has become more meaningful than ever. 

  • Runners – Face masks aren’t just great to keep the color powder out of your nose and mouth, but they are vital during a pandemic. Tell your runners to bring one with them, have them available for sale, or include in their swag bags with registration. Our favorite masks are the kind that can be versatile and used later for different styles.  That’s why we’ve created our own – check them out here. We also suggest gearing your runners up with sunglasses, a white t-shirt and other goodies, which all come neatly packed in our race kits. 
  • Volunteers/Staff – Ensuring the safety of your volunteers and staff is just as important as your participants. Since they won’t be doing a ton of movement, we would suggest a face shield and/or a face mask. This will also help them see and keep the powder out of their eyes while throwing. 

  • Performing a wellness screen is important to ensure everyone attending the event is in good help to reduce the risk of spreading germs. Typically, this entails a temperature check along with a form to fill out with a series of questions regarding symptoms, travel and contact. This should be the first table your participants come to before entering the event grounds. Be sure your volunteers and participants are wearing masks and have hand sanitizer available.  Always wipe down tables in between check-ins. 
  • To avoid crowds on race day, start check-in at least an hour before race time, have plenty of volunteers and maintain 6 feet apart while in line.

The amount of powder needed is dependent on the number of runners you are expecting and the number of color stations you want to have. Each station usually consists of one color.  For example if you have 3 color stations – one station might be blue, one might be yellow and one might be pink.  If you plan on having multiple colors at a station you will use much more powder than the recommended quantities listed below.

  • 3 Stations – a minimum of 1/2 pound of powder per participant
  • 4 Stations – a minimum of 3/4 pound of color powder per participant
  • 5 Stations- a minimum of 1 pound of color powder per participant

If you need any help or would like a color powder quote – just let us know and we would be happy to help!

  • Start Line – This is where you are going to have to get creative and pick what works best for your school/community. Staggered start times are going to be the best option for crowds larger than 20 runners. You can decide to do this by class/grade or allow your participants to pick their time when they sign up, this way families and friends can run together. This can be done easily with our online registration platform – click here for more information. 6 foot spacing at the start line will also be best – which can be easily done with duct tape or other markers on the ground.  
  • Color Stations – The use of squeeze bottles is going to allow your volunteers to aim and shoot the powder out from a distance without any direct contact. 
  • Water Stations – These are helpful in any outdoor event with physical activity because it keeps your crowd hydrated. With your participants wearing masks, they will be taking them down to take a sip before starting back up. This is why we love our tube masks because it makes tasks like this easy and accessible. Create spaces 6 ft in distance for your runners to enjoy their beverage and make sure the volunteer is in proper PPE with minimal contact.
  • Finish Line – To avoid any large gatherings at the end of the event, we recommend having volunteers to direct runners away from the finish line.  Make sure you have space for people to gather with spacing or advise participants to head home after finishing the race.
  • Blow Off Stations – Offer a blow off station to help clean off your rainbow runners! This can be done with an electric leaf blower, large fan or floor dryers. Place the blow off station near the parking lots so folks can clean up before returning to their vehicles. Be sure that your volunteer is in proper PPE with a face mask/shield. 

  • When it comes to organizing a Color Blaze Run, clean up is the easy part! Assign sections to your volunteers to clean up as much trash and sweep up as much color as you can. The remaining color will leave no more than a sidewalk chalk-like residue that can be easily rinsed away with a hose. 
  • You may also want to recommend that your participants bring towels to place in their cars so they don’t shake color all over the interior of their car and have to clean up later.
  • Click here to visit our blog post all about clean up.