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Our Race Kits make race day easy, fun and profitable! Color Blaze Race Kits come pre-packaged so there is no assembly required, just hand them out to your participants, add your own promotional materials if you like and you are ready for race day! Reasonably priced to make fundraising a breeze. The best part is you receive a personal color powder packet with each kit AND 1/2 pound of bulk color powder for every kit ordered! Don’t need the whole kit? You can order some of the items individually if you choose!

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How to Host a Color Run


Your fundraising just got color-bombed! Fun Runs have always been a great way to raise money for charitable organizations, schools, churches and more.  Add a splash of color and host a Color Run that gives your fundraising a colorful boost! How

How to Raise Funds with Color Fun Runs


Color Runs are a fun and creative way to raise funds for your organization.  Your participants have a blast and will be excited about sharing pictures and social media posts about your event!  In addition they’ll have so much fun