Benefits of Online Fundraising

There is a lot of buzz about online fundraising.  If you haven’t used online fundraising before, you may be tempted to just stick to a paper registration/sign-up fee for your fun run; or have your kids go door to door and get pledges for how many laps they run.  While we certainly understand doing it the old fashioned way, here’s 4 reasons why you should ditch paper based fundraising and embrace online fundraising.

Blaze Raise Online Fundraising

  1. Increased Donations – Who doesn’t want that?  When you make donating as easy as possible, your community will be even more enthusiastic about supporting your cause.   Online fundraising allows donors to give quickly, easily and securely. It also makes it easier to reach more people.  When donating is easy and accessible, you raise more funds – in most cases 2X more!


  1. Simple and Convenient – With a single click, your community can easily donate with a credit or debit card.   Most parents are online in some fashion – whether it is checking their student’s grades and assignments via the school website or they are doing their own personal email, internet searches or posting to social media.  Having the option to donate online, allows donors to give at any time from any internet connected device.


  1. Collect Donations From Anywhere – Raising funds online allows you to surpass geographical limitations. You can use your email and multiple social media channels to spread the word about your event to reach more potential donors, attract new supporters or to create a buzz or friendly competition between event participants. Online fundraising usually produces a higher give result than traditional methods in part because you can easily reach more people. As long as donors have internet access and the link to your donation page, they can give to your cause.

color fun run fundraiser

  1. Increased Visibility and Sharability –Having a page online to collect donations for a fundraiser makes it easy to share and promote online. Online fundraising gets the word out about your school and your cause. By encouraging donors to give online, you direct them to your website and/or social media pages where they can find even more info about your organization or cause. Potential donors can also easily share your fundraising link with their family and friends, making your online reach that much bigger! Online giving increases awareness of and visibility for your organization.


At Color Blaze we offer our own online fundraising tool – BlazeRaise – for our color powder run customers.  Click here for more information.