Gender Reveal Decorations

The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Gender Reveal Party on a Budget

Babies are awesome, and an amazing reason to celebrate. But babies are also expensive! As we looked into hosting a gender reveal party I was acutely aware that the dollars spent pre-baby were dipping into our overall budget of nursery expenses, car seat and stroller options, diapers and doulas and more! The dollar signs were adding up, but we also didn’t want to miss the opportunity to celebrate with our friends and family. My penny pinching powers went to work researching ways to get the biggest bang for our buck while hosting a Pinterest worthy Gender Reveal event.


The Internet is your friend.

Of course, who doesn’t like getting a sweet little party invite in the mail, filled with confetti and scented like baby powder? However, the time and money spent on that postal charm is something to consider. There are so many e-vite options that are easy to use and offer a variety of designs and styles. Check out, Facebook, Evite, PunchbowlPiing, and Eventbrite. All are great options, and completely free!

Gender Reveal Party Decorations



I’m a huge fan of the potluck for so many reasons. Cost is an obvious benefit, but beyond that, it ensures that everyone has something they are excited to eat while also exposing you to new treats! Why not try making it themed by having guests bring Pink and Blue foods to reflect their guess for the baby’s gender. Check out our list of options, and then see how creative your guests can be.


Pink: Watermelon, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Licorice, Radish/Beet Salad, Bologna, Salmon, Rose’, Pink Lemonade, Cherries, Pink Grapefruits

Blue: Blueberries, Blue Corn Tortillas, Every Blue Raspberry flavored candy, Jones Blue Soda, Blackberries, Blue Popsicles, Blue Crab, Blue-ish (purple) Potatoes???

The sky is the limit!

Gender Reveal Party Decorations


I wanted to transform the house into party central, while also keeping it as simple as possible. I started with the Party Accessory Pack from the Gender Reveal Shop as it has all the basics in one box for under $25 bucks! The pack inclludes all the essentials from banners to cupcake toppers, and even photo booth props.

I still needed some extra flair, so I hit up my local dollar store and scored perfect plates, napkins, table clothes, some brightly colored bunting, and tissue paper puffs to gussy up the walls! I walked out of there with heaps of adorable loot, for under $20! I then stopped at my local Trader Joes and picked up some tulips and cupcakes, which felt like the biggest splurge of the party, spending $11 for the bouquet and $8 for gluten-free cupcakes with pink frosting.

Gender Reveal Party Decorations


There are so many cute options to choose from, but ultimately we went with the Gender Reveal Balloon. We filled the giant black balloon with confetti and brought it to the local florist to be filled with helium for $10. Prices vary for filling, from $5-$15 dollars per balloon. So call around before heading to your local party store or florist destination to both find the best deal and ensure they fill balloons purchased from outside their store.

Gender Reveal Balloon


That was it! We hosted a three-hour, open house kind of party and spent about $75 bucks to do it! I’m sure families can easily go hog wild and spend hundreds of dollars to host an elaborate shindig, but our simple approach was exactly the right thing for us. It was a fun-filled day spent relaxing with friends and gleefully eating ripe watermelon and Blue Rock candy to our hearts content.

And, oh yeah… it’s a boy!