If an in-person event isn’t an option for you or you’d prefer to host a virtual event – we can still have just as much fun! The main priority is raising money, keeping the community active and spreading color and smiles.A virtual race is the same thing as the real event, just at home and not in a large crowd! Put on your running shoes and go for a jog around the neighborhood, park or on a treadmill. Set a time for your event to start and let the participants control the rest. If your event is a timed run, be sure that your runner keeps track of their end time and reports back to you to be recognized. If your event is just a fun run, be sure that your participants take lots of pictures to share with everyone! Here are some tips and tricks on planning a virtual event-

  • Having an online registration page is an easy and resourceful way to spread the word and collect registrations. We offer an online registration platform that is easy to set-up and virtually free to use. 
  • Set your price! Depending on what you are including will determine what you should charge for your registration. We suggest having at least 3-5 packets of powder for each person for their “color stations”. It’s always fun to include goodies as well and we offer colorful race kits that make it easy for you and fun for every runner. Contact us today to talk more about the perfect race kit for your event. (info@colorblaze.com or 888-252-6567). 
  • Pick a week to host your event and this will allow your participants to find the time and day that works best for them.

With a completely virtual event, the “hardest” part is getting the supplies to your participants. We like the idea of having a day or two designated for runners coming to pick up their materials. This is where social media/group emailing comes into play. You will want to be sure that your participants are informed and can retrieve their items on-time. We suggest setting out time blocks for your students’ parents/participants to come and get their race materials at the school or another public place. You can determine this by last name, grade level, etc., just be sure you do not overcrowd the area (for example: Last names A-D, packet pickups are from 9am-9:30am). A good idea would be to have a drive-thru like experience, so people will be in and out in a jiffy. Otherwise, if you are working with a small crowd you can choose to ship out the items to their residence (there will be costs involved) or generate a team of rainbow delivery men to hand deliver the goods. This part is totally dependent on your crowd and town.

  • If you have a Facebook/Instagram page for your organization – use it! This is the main way to stay informed and get your message out to everyone quickly. Keep your followers aware, energized and excited! Be sure to keep your page active and post regular updates weekly and then daily leading up to the event. Create a fun flier in Canva or ask us to create one for you!
  • This is their time to make their silliest face while covered in color powder and snap a pic! Host a color contest on your page to see who can get the most colorful! At the end, you can gather all of your photos and create a color collage for everyone to see their friends and classmates! Don’t be shy, the students miss their teachers and staff too!

We are all being affected by this virus, so do your part and support your community in any way you can! There are plenty of ways to partner with local restaurants and other local vendors that would help support your event. We’d also love to talk with you about more ideas and ways to help. This is a great way to show your support for not only your community, but your organization! Throw kindness around like color powder and cover the town!

As always, our dedicated staff is here to help in any way we can. You can always call us at 888-252-6567 or email info@colorblaze.com. We will help you plan and organize your event to ensure success! We look forward to working with you this crazy year. 

How To Plan an In-Person Distanced Color Blaze Run